At A Glace

Krueger Level Gauge




The At-A-Glance Type D Gauge is a reliable, swing arm type

gauge used for measuring all types of liquid levels. 

Its simple mechanical design promotes durability,

minimal upkeep, and easy/inexpensive repairs. 

With its many available options (see page 6) it is a

versatile and inexpensive solution to

all of your tank monitoring needs.

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A. CALIBRATION ASSEMBLY:  Inner and outer plastic housings with printed calibration paper between

      housings.  Withstands up to 70 PSI. (options-glass inner piece)




C.  LOCK NUT:  Red plastic to hold calibration assembly in place.  (options-aluminum lock nut)


D. DURO NITRILE GASKET:  On which flanges on base of calibration assembly are firmly seated to  

      prevent leakage. (options-viton gasket)


E. ALUMINUM DIE CAST BUSHING:  Type D-1.5 fits 1.5” standard npt tank flange.  Type D-2 fits standard 2” npt tank flange.  This is the only part of the gauge that differs between types D-1.5 and D-2.

      D-0.75” fits standard 0.75” npt tank flange.  The float is smaller on this version.


F.  STANDARD ROD:  0.1875 dia. galvanized steel rod. (options-stainless steel)


G. PUSH ROD:  0.125 dia. galvanized steel rod activates indicator disc by movement of float arm (I).

      (options-stainless steel)


H.  BRASS RIVETS:  Four brass tubular rivets. (options-non-riveted, stainless)


I. FLOAT ARM ASSEMBLY:  0.1875 x 0.0625 galvanized steel flat rod, including bracket and rod,                       

      attached to standard, push rod, and plastic float. (options-stainless steel)


J. PLASTIC FLOAT:  High density polyethelene float 1.125” dia. x 3.0” long. (options-stainless float,

      nitrophyll float, 3/4” float poly, 3/4” float nitro.)


At-A-GLANCE Gauges are manufactured to fit specific tank depth dimensions, 6 inches to 12 feet.  Although we do recommend the L Gauge (page…18) on tanks 10” and under.  Standard rod (F),  push rod (G), float arm assembly (I) are varied in length to provide correct operation of gauge.


Ordering Instructions—Part numbers are as follows: D-(size opening)-(depth of tank in inches). 

Example  D-2-44.