Solid State Latching Relay




A Latching Relay is designed to control or hold a level or action between two

switch points.  The most common application would be for level control

with application like co-generation, sumps or other oil tanks and water tanks.


Can also be used with most any non voltage producing switches.

Hydraulic cylinders  - doors switch - rotating tanks - and more



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SSR1000 Latching Relay


  • Sends a safe low voltage signal to the switch

  • Internal 240V 5A SPDT Relay

  • Built in power supply

  • DIN rail mount

  • Palm size compact device

  • LED indicates status

  • Terminal Block - external

  • easy to follow instructions on the top





Design Criteria:


  • Rugged level applications
  • Liquid level Control
  • 240V 5A load
  • PC board design
  • Rugged
  • Compact electronic


The holding relay is activated by a switch point.  Once this switch

is activated  - the relay will hold that state until the next control

point is hit.  


Even..if the float returns to the first activated switch point - nothing

will happen - as the relay has been latched.  When the level does

reach the second switch point - the relay will then change state. 


Again - it is then latched in that new position - and nothing will

happen until the other switch is activated.



Possible Applications:


  • Cylinder Control
  • Cogeneration
  • Oil level control
  • Roof top day tanks
  • Day tank level
  • Base generator tank
  • Remote cogeneration fuel level
Manual: PDF  - Text

Flyer: PDF - Text

Working Parameters:


Instrument Type

Electromechanical Contact Protection Relay


SSR 1000

Housing Size

75mm x 50mm x 100mm

Housing Material

Polyamide 6.6

Supply Voltage

115 VAC +/- 10% 50 – 60 Hz

Power Consumption

5 VA (typical)

Control Voltage

24 VDC

Control Current

20 Ma

Input Impedance

3300 Ohm, 100 nF +/- 20%

Maximum Contact “ON” Impedance

4700 Ohm, 47 nF at inputs

Delay Period (initiating)

10 ms

Delay Period (dropping)



1 SPDT relay contact

Permissible Load

250 VAC / 8A resistive / 1840 VA

Temperature range

-20 deg. C to 60 deg. C

Type of protection

IP 20