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    Ideal for single or double wall tanks  
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When ordering, specify 1 1/2” or 2” opening.

Direct mechanical action to detect overfill of tank.

Specify at what depth overfill alert must begin to register



A. CALIBRATION ASSEMBLY:  Inner and outer plastic housings with printed calibration paper between

      housings.  (options-glass inner piece)




C.  LOCK NUT:  Red plastic to hold calibration assembly in place.  (options-aluminum lock nut)


D. DURO NITRILE GASKET:  On which flanges on base of calibration assembly are firmly seated to  

      prevent leakage. (options-viton gasket)


E. ALUMINUM DIE CAST BUSHING:  Type O-1.5 fits 1.5” standard npt tank flange.  Type O-2 fits standard 2” npt tank flange. 


F.  FLOAT ARM ASSEMBLY:  1/8” aluminum rod attached to float and indicator.


G.  PLASTIC FLOAT:  High density polyethelene float 1.125” dia. x 3.0” long. (options-stainless float,

      nitrophyll float, 3/4” float)


Overfill Gauges are manufactured to fit specific overfill level needs from 6” to 30”.    Float Rod is varied in length to accommodate different depths.  You specify the length at which you want the gauge to show alarm.


Ordering Information—Part numbers are as follows O-(opening)-(Depth).  Example—O-2-6”.


Available Options—Alarm Gauge Guard