Articulated or bending Multi Level Switch is

used when you need to bend the level switch

 so it fits under an existing cupboard or some

type of shelf.  Material can be 316 stainless steel

or brass with a 3-8 inch tube and buna or stainless

steel floats. 

All products are custom made.  Jointed Level Indication



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Articulated Level Switch

Flexible Joints

Multiple Switch Points

Many Connection Options

Stainless or Brass

Design Criteria:


  • Designed for limited access locations
  • Custom probe length and fitting options
  • Fits into tanks under cupboards
  • Multiple levels
  • Stainless, Buna or plastic floats
  • Completely sealed
  • Neoprene joints


Hard much work is involved ripping that cabinet out to install

that required level switch? 


Almeg custom design allows the articulated

probe to easily bend under the cabinet or cupboard .

The hinge gets it and the physical weight pulls it

to straight once inside the tank.  Removable is as easy.


Good resistance to water and alkalis, air resistance to acids

good resistance to non aromatic petroleum, oils, solvents

except aromatic, chlorinated or keytone types

Excellent mechanical properties.  


Possible Applications:


  • Tote level control
  • Cogeneration
  • Oil level control
  • Storage tank level
  • Day tank level
  • Sump pit level
  • Water tanks
Manual: PDF  - Text

Flyer: PDF - Text

Working Parameters:

  • Metal or plastic construction

  • Maximum temperature - 100 deg. C

  • Sealed package

  • Most process connections available

  • Optional float specific gravity