Fuel Sender Level Gauge




Fuel sender controls probes.....heavy duty versions. 

The custom controls will work with many gauges like

Stewart Warner, General Motors, VDO, Ford and Chrysler

for example.    Can also be used for level of water tanks or oil tanks.

many level configuration available.

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Rugged Fuel Level Sender

2 Wire Configuration.

Potentiometer Design.

Custom Resistance Stack

Direct Replacement

Most Materials

Flange sample

Design Criteria:


  • Replaces OEM fuel senders with rugged model
  • Custom probe length and fitting options
  • Partial or full length read
  • PC board design for accuracy
  • Buna float can extend off the bottom
  • Completely sealed electronics
  • Reeds are also epoxy encapsulated


The continuous fuel level transducer is available in brass, stainless

and many plastic configurations.  Floats can be buna, plastic

and stainless of most specific gravities.


Use options are numerous with the main advantage being the low cost

reading the level gauge.  A simple 12 or 24V connection works just

like the fuel gauge on your boat, car or truck. 


The unit is especially suited for off road industrial machinery that

encounter OEM fuel gauge breakdowns.  Some resistance options

are listed here.

  • Stewart Warner: Full 29-33 ohms / Empty 244-250 ohms
  • General Motors: Full 91-93 ohms / Empty 0-2 ohms
  • Ford/Chrysler: Full 70-73 ohms / Empty 0-2 ohms

Possible Applications:


  • Fuel tank gauge replacement
  • Fuel sender
  • Cogeneration
  • Oil level control
  • Storage tank level
  • Day tank level
  • Dump valve control
  • Drum level control
Manual: PDF

Flyer: PDF

Working Parameters:

  • Metal or plastic construction

  • Maximum temperature - 300 deg. F

  • Specify - can be about 600 PSI

  • Internal resistance - optional

  • Most process connections available

  • Optional float specific gravity