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Vertical Floatation Creates A Direct Mechanical

 Action To Detect A Leak Of The Inner Tank



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The At-A-Glance Leak Gauge is the perfect solution for

monitoring you interstitial space.  This gauge is specifically

 designed to detect leaks within your double wall

containment system.  It will provide a visual indication

of a leak if your inner tank begins to break down.




A. CALIBRATION ASSEMBLY:  Inner and outer plastic housings with printed calibration paper between         

   housings.  (options-glass inner piece)




C.  LOCK NUT:  Red plastic to hold calibration assembly in place.  (options-aluminum lock nut)


D. DURO NITRILE GASKET:  On which flanges on base of calibration assembly are firmly seated to  

prevent leakage. (options-viton gasket)


E. ALUMINUM DIE CAST BUSHING:  Type K-1.5 fits 1.5” standard npt tank flange.  Type K-2 fit

standard 2” npt tank flange.   


F. FLOAT ARM ASSEMBLY:  On gauges 42” and under—1/8” aluminum rod connected to indicator on  top and float on bottom. 

 On gauges 43” to 76”—2pcs of 1/8” aluminum rod  connected in middle by

compression union, on the bottom to a float, and on top to an indicator.  On gauges 77” to 170” inches-

3 or more pieces of 3/16” aluminum rod connected by compression unions.  Attached to float on

bottom and indicator on top.


G. PLASTIC FLOAT 76” AND UNDER:  High density polyethelene float 1.5” dia. x 3.25” long. 


H. CORK FLOAT 77” AND OVER:  Poly coated cork float 1 7/8” in diameter.  Length of float varies with

length of gauge.


Leak Gauges are specifically manufactured for the interstitial space on double walled containment units. 

They provide a simple visual indication that a leak has occurred in the inner tank.


Ordering Instructions—Part numbers are as follows K-(opening size)-(length) 

Example  K-2-48.  If gauge is not mounted in an interstitial tube, please specify that gauge needs a guide. 

 If gauge is mounted in a 1.5” interstitial tube, please request small floats.