Level Control can be installed for the side of a tank.  The tube is inserted thru a

fixed or adjustable compression fitting to orientate the transducer facing down.


 90 Degree Level Switch

Multi-Level Side Mount Type



Multilevel switch screws in through the side of a tank.  The fitting is tightened

..but the stem is attached with a compression fitting equipped with either

a stainless or rubber ferrules. 


The compression fitting can then be tightened to hold the level probe

 in the required position.

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Bent Stem 90 Degree

Swivel Fitting

Stainless, Brass, Plastic

1" NPT and Larger

Flange Option

Side Mount


Design Criteria:


  • Rugged level applications
  • Custom probe length and fitting options
  • One to seven Switch Points
  • Continuous 4-20 option
  • Most materials
  • Completely sealed
  • Easy installation


Space limitations and or fittings sometimes prevent

level switches from being installed from the bottom

or top of the tank.


The problem with a multi-level side mount would

be to have the threads end up tight and the probe

facing down or up as desired.


This ingenious design allows the probe to be installed to

the desired direction.  Simply tighten the fitting or flange.

Move the probe to the desired position and then tighten

adjustable fitting in the correct probe position.  This then

secures the probe tight as well as seals the device for

high pressure applications.

Possible Applications:


  • Drum level control
  • Cogeneration
  • Oil level control
  • Chemical storage
  • Fuel level
  • Chillers
  • Condensate tank level
Manual: PDF  - Text

Flyer: PDF - Text

Working Parameters:

  • Metal or plastic construction

  • Maximum temperature - 300 deg. F

  • Specify - can be about 600 PSI

  • Internal resistance - optional

  • Most process connections available

  • Optional float specific gravity