PVC Level Controls and other plastics like PVDF or Kynar

can be custom made by to fit tank level control applications with many

switch points or single level controls.   You can select PVC for lower cost or

higher end plastics for chemical applications. 


Plastic Multi Level Switch

Full Size Level Control Product


    See Multilevel PVC for more detail here.  
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Multi Level Switch

Plastic Material

PVC, PP, CPVC more...

1 to 7 Switch Points

Not Field Adjustable

Process Connection Std.




Design Criteria:


  • Rugged level applications
  • Custom probe length and fitting options
  • 1 to 7 switch points
  • Can be as close as 1/8" with N/C and N/O
  • Not field adjustable
  • Completely sealed
  • Most configurations


The multi-level products have an many

combination of configurations from process

connection, quantity of levels and length options.


A magnetic equipped plastic float follows the process level.

The the level rises or falls the switch changes state giving

a contact signal.


Economically maintains a level, operates a single or

dual pumps and can activate high alarms and low alarms.


Possible Applications:


  • Drum level control
  • Cogeneration
  • Oil level control
  • Storage tank level
  • Day tank level
  • Sump pit level
  • Depends on compatibility
Manual: PDF  - Text

Flyer: PDF - Text

Working Parameters:

  • Metal or plastic construction

  • Maximum temperature depends on plastic selected

  • Specify - depends on plastic selected

  • Non adjustable

  • many process connections available

  • Several plastic float materials